Ancient History To Kill A King

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Mercychef5 - Chef

Dreadilis - Muscle

Scott - Undertaker

Tiny Dragon/Dragon - Summoner

Mike - Sorc

Doom - Healer

Lazy - Wrecking Ball

O.K. By popular demand we will be reverting to the HoA default rules, so maybe characters will out-live this campaign…

Mainly affects the Sorcs, but keep this in mind and ignore those ramblings in the posts with my name on them :P

Setting - Dark Ages of Alvena - Low-tech - High-superstition , Humans are just now spreading their new religions as the seven have left. Humans warring over borders, that until now hadn't existed, and elves killing themselves - the world was chaos. Dwarves and Giants begin wars that would lead to generations of hatred, fleeing the slavery of the dragons. Being associated with dragons is a worse curse than any witch could hurl, and the shameful half-dragons are tolerated (at best) by some societies. New evils arrive as ancient and secret artifacts are tampered with, the old world ripe for death and exploration.

The Island of La'vassh , near the equator - connected to two other islands two months out of the year and durring low-tide. It is roughly 40mi wide, and 70mi long. The two other islands are named Pri'z'itine and Palanana.

The ruins of Z'iv'atier - Near the lake that consumed the communities on this island durring the cataclysmic events. This is where Eldriss was built.

The kingdom of Raj'riss , Eldriss - renamed, after Torik took over… Stretches to the far corners of the island, and even to part of Pri'z'itine.

The temple of time. In the old days when the concept of time became a commonly accepted belief - it gained almost god-like power. Its motives were its own and this temple has many secrets, most of which are still hidden from it's evil inhabitants. Is the Primary Army base within the forest.

Burial Pit - Where the old community discarded its dead, once thought to be a bottom-less pit. Dead things now crawl forth, at the beckon call of necromancers and Blighters.

Eldriss - Was a peaceful community, lead by a wise shaman and group of elders. They traveled the forest through the seasons, in a constant migrating pattern. But when the elders aged, closer to 50 back then, the community settled down. The new tribes and young hunters still use the same routes left by their ancestors. Eldriss became one of the earliest kingdoms by merit, neighboring kingdoms swore alliance to the noble and respectable kingdom in the forest - gifting their forested land, and sometimes adjacent land. The kingdom exploded in size, and after the 'suspicious' death of a few elders and the now ancient shaman - the kingdom was divided. This enraged a few of the inheritors of the old kingdom of Eldriss…

Cast -

Torik Deaglamor - main villan - King of Raj'riss - Torik is an accomplished Wizard and has become obssessed with magic and psionics. Using an artifact, known as Duron's Scrollcase, he dominates spellcasters and fellow rulers - making them control others.

Dezin Valdivich - Local Bad-guy / Profiteer - Quartermaster of Torik's forces within the forest.

Evrik I'th'lo - Son of I'th'l the former ruler of Eldriss - good guy, leader of the Resistance forces. A powerful Theurge himself, he uses his spells to aid and transport - mostly villagers. Occasionally he helps out the PCs.

Thomas Bibbs - Local hunter and elder - leader of the scouts. and chief of Eld

Mary Bibbs - acts as chief when her brother is gone, brash and unrefined - shes actually more comfortable living in the woods, but still puts full effort into regaining their land.

Darrium Smithy - a traveling artist, his troupe caught within the borders… Works as Eld's Smith

Izaik, Delilah, and Rosita (and their children) - run and tend the school/hospital/ and Kitchen

Backstory -
Eldriss falls, consumed with a lust for power Torik takes over… Suddenly teleporting his troops and casters in surrounding kingdoms. Having almost everything was not enough, and he soon set his sights on the last part of the forrests he didn't control - and Eld included…

The story will start three months after his rise to power…

You are the ones that may tip the tides and usurp the malicious regime.

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