Alvena Primer

Alvena is a high-fantasy sword and sorcery style campaign that is designed to feel both familiar yet new. Alvena is a massive world born from the death of another, and has faced destruction three times since the dawn of its existence. The world as it was known has been destroyed twice; and the inhabitants scurry to rebuild and reclaim the power they once had. Adventures, rivals, heroes, and villains await the journey of discovery.

Flavor and Pace of Alvena

Alvena is a very gray-toned setting. Evil people are uncommon, and good people rarer still. The vast majority of the world sits tightly on the fence of indifference. Heroes clash against villains and tides of chaos and strife. Alvena is a world where orcs and dwarfs can drink ales together one day, and be at one another's throats the next. A place where the high-priest of a noble church could secretly be the mastermind behind a crisis in the south. A place where the head of an assassin's guild rescues you for the greater good. A place where people are defined by their actions, their motivations, their beliefs, and their hearts. Where right and wrong are as difficult to pin down as they are in reality.

Alvena is a world of high adventure. Explore the vast wilderness and ancient ruins left over by wars and histories long since past; or seek your destiny on the high seas of the coastal trade ways; sail an airship to the floating city of the gray elves; or even explore the stars that the Star-kin once called the Pilgrim's Way. Alvena is a world of many adventures, both mundane and magical. Danger lurks everywhere, and adventure awaits the Heroes of Alvena.

Role-playing in Alvena

Alvena is a diverse world that can support many different character concepts, but character concepts should also support Alvena. Players are encouraged to try and create interesting characters to join the story with. This game is not about trying to be the strongest mechanically (and I say this as an optimizer); but to have fun and be part of the story and game.

Common Knowledge

The following things are fairly common knowledge amongst anyone who has received any formal education in Alvena.

  • "Alvena was created by the gods." - But not the gods people believe in today. The seven true gods have long since vanished.
  • "The world was ruled by dragons." - Most mortals today don't recall the brutal rule of the dragons of the first age; but they do know that the world was ruled by dragons.
  • "There world plunged into fire." - Virtually everyone knows of the Demon Wars, formal schooling or not (unless you've been under a rock in the wilderness). The war scorched the world, pushed entire civilizations to the brink of extinction, and ruined the most powerful mageocracies and kingdoms of the world. Centuries later, the world is still being rebuilt.
  • "The stars fell to the sky." - Shortly after the Demon Wars, strange people came from the sky in great cities that fell and lodged themselves into to region of Kyril. These pilgrims brought with them knowledge that the sky was a place of wonder and mystery; ridden with dangers. These strange people wield weapons made of light and sound.
  • "Humans rose to power." - Humans have erected Kingdoms throughout Aendeel, the prime continent of Alvena. Their inquisitive people busily trying to unearth secrets of the ancients.
  • "Lost knowledge…" - After the Demon Wars, the records and knowledge of the ancient war has been long since lost. The entire world is new again, as few maps exist, and the world must be explored all over again; and the secrets of ancient magics and advanced skills unearthed once more.
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