Alexander Corvan

Background –
Alexander is a natural born Lycan. Orphaned by hate, he was adopted by a wondering Swordswoman who didn't know what he was. When she found out she was at a crossroads. Kill her son or walk away from it all. As if defying fate, she choose to keep him close and taught him how to fight, How to ride, and the importance of honor but she also taught him that honor isn’t fighting to the death, but infact knowing when to draw your sword, when to try negotiating instead of violence.

When he was older, the age of 6, his mother entered the service of a noble as a knight it was supposed to be temporary, a simple job. Fate would be rather cruel though, as the Woman and the noble grew infatuated with each other. They soon bore a real child, A girl by the name of Noel. They grew up together and played together.

Alexander followed in his adoptive mothers footsteps and went on to become a knight under his adoptive father’s court. Soon he became the Noel’s Champion, any knight or noble that wanted Noel’s hand in marriage would have to defeat Alex in a duel. Alas though Alex and Noel fell in love, slowly but surely over the years. Though one year Alex, Who was unaware of his ''Condition,'' snuck into Noel's room during the night of a full moon on her request and when the moon light hit him he became the beast his kind was. Noel screamed, Frightened by the sudden change in her ''Brother.'' but ultimately accepted it, He was still Alexander even in this form, and gave him a tight hug around his fur covered neck and kissed his snout. Before anything could happen His adoptive father ran into the room sword drawn.

His father was enraged and demanded Alex to be killed. His mother beseeched her love and Alex was given this goal. Prove to me your kind is more than beasts, and you may return, until then you are banished from my land. Alex nodded it was better than the death that could await him, his mother gave him one last thing and drew her sword ''this sword protected me in many battles, Alex; Let it protect you as well.'' With that he was given his mother's sword which he keeps in pristine condition.

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