Action Points

Heroes sometimes do the impossible. A sudden rush of adrenaline, a perfect moment of clarity, or a perfectly inspired act out of desperation. These moments during an adventurer's life are represented by action points. Action points allow characters to break out of the normal confines of turns in combat and tense situations where actions are carefully measured, and the greater the hero becomes the less limited they are by the confines of the norm.

Acquiring Action Points: All heroic characters begin with 1 action point at 1st level. At 5th level, and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, 20th, etc), the character gains an additional action point. Expended action points refresh when the character rests for at least 8 hours.

Spending Action Points: A character can spend an action point during his or her turn to gain an extra standard or move action that round. The action cannot occur in the middle of another action, but may be used between actions as desired. For example, you could spend an action point to take a standard or move action before or after another action (such as another standard, move, or full-round action) but not during another action (such as moving during a full-attack). Once the point has been spent, the character must wait 8 hours before being able to use it again. No matter how many action points you posses, you cannot spend more than 1 per round.

Action Points and NPCs: NPCs do not get action points on their own. However, certain individuals are worthy of action points themselves. For such NPCs, there exists the Action Surge feat (see below).

Action Surge (General, Combat)
You can push your limits to greater extremes.
Prerequisite: No action points.
Benefit: You gain 1 action point. For every 5 hit dice you have, you gain an additional action point.

Heroic Spirit (General, Combat)
Your heroic spirit pushes you beyond your natural limits.
Prerequisite: 1 or more action points
Benefit: You gain 2 additional action points.

Unbridled Spirit (General, Combat)
Your rage spurs you to greater actions.
Prerequisite: 1 or more action points, Rage class feature
Benefit: During a rage, you can expend 4 rounds worth of rage to gain 1 temporary action point. You lose this point when you spend it or your rage ends, whichever comes first.

Inspire Action (General, Combat)
Your bardic performance allows you to spur your allies to action.
Prerequisite: 1 or more action points, Inspire Courage class feature
Benefit: While using Inspire Courage, you may expend 4 rounds of your bardic performance to grant a single ally a bonus action point. This action point is lost when spent or after 1 round, whichever comes first.

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