Why use steering wheel cover?


Many drivers consider that some accessories are of no use, implying unnecessary spending of money. On the other hand, some consider that accessories are really important and make good use of them .

Indeed, there are accessories that can optimize the performance of the vehicle, in addition to protecting certain parts against various damages. In this sense, there are some protectors like the car steering wheel cover .

Want to know why the steering wheel needs protection? Read the post and find out more about it!

The function of a cover

The function of a cape, as everyone knows, is to protect the object that surrounds it, increasing its durability and, whenever possible, keeping it always new .

A few years ago, schools required students to use plastic sheeting over school books. In this way, the books remained brand new practically all year round and could be used by other students .

The cover protects the person from the rain and also protects vehicles both from the rain and from the action of the sun and other harmful agents. As can be seen, the cover is effectively an important accessory in different contexts .

The steering wheel suffers wear and tear with time

One reason for using a steering wheel cover is that this car component, like all others, undergoes wear and tear over time . First of all, it is exposed and it is a piece that the driver frequently uses. While the car is in use, the steering wheel will also be.

Steering wheels with factory defects are, in most cases, repaired or replaced by the manufacturer . But the steering wheels are susceptible to different problems.

Sweat and the steering wheel


Sweat is one of the things that most bother the driver when using the steering wheel, it also helps to wear the material faster . With the help of a steering wheel cover , this problem is solved, improving the driver's performance and even his safety, since there is no danger of his hands slipping .

The types of coating

The leather covering is one of the most sought after by drivers, due to its high durability. It is a more expensive coating because of the raw material used, which is of good quality .

But due to the high cost of leather covering, the driver will be able to turn to other cheaper and equally efficient solutions. Other solutions include the chrome ring cover (made from polyvinyl chloride) and the plastic cover. These materials offer great value for money.

Leather jackets made in specialized workshops are not always accessible for drivers. Purchasing a good quality, ready-made cover can easily solve your problem, at lower costs and with less work.

The aesthetics of the accessory

In addition to the protective function, the steering wheel cover helps to improve the aesthetics of your car. As there are different cover models, there are assorted colors, models with more sophisticated design, female models and so on.

Beauty is a very important item in any vehicle. The cover that covers the steering wheel certainly has an aesthetic value that the driver must consider when buying his.
Protect and beautify your steering wheel with a good quality cover and take the opportunity to cover the seats too, as they need protection and the cover always makes the seats look better!

The steering wheel cover is not an unimportant accessory, it offers good functionality and helps to optimize the aesthetics and performance of the vehicle.



Healthy, shiny hair starts with the right haircut. Do you prefer to wear your long hair? Try making a layered cut to bring more movement and immediate volume to your hair. Women with particularly thin hair should ask their hairdresser for advice on how to cut, because special cutting techniques can make your hair more volume and structure.

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How to wash your hair properly:

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Post-wash tips

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Combing: less is more

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• NIVEA Volume Care Hairspray
• Hair brush and tweezers
• Hair modeler

Seductive curls: more volume with rollers

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• NIVEA Volume Care foam ;
• NIVEA Volume Care lacquer ;
• Large round brush or styler for medium sized hair;
• Hairpins or curlers

How to wash the car the right way?


Washing the car is not as simple a task as it seems. A poor washing can cause scratches and stains on the vehicle body. The paint varnish can also be damaged, resulting in a worse result than leaving the car dirty. To avoid damage to the paintwork and wash the car in the right way, currently, it is possible to find on the market several cleaning products and options that guarantee quality and safety when washing the car.

1 - Wash the car with utensils and products suitable for automotive washing

To wash the car in the best way, it is necessary to have equipment and products suitable for car care. Automotive shampoo, cloths and microfiber gloves are items that can not be missing. According to Vaglieri, these tools were developed and tested in order not to pose risks to the car's paint.

2 - Use two buckets

A simple tip that can make all the difference in a wash is to separate at least two buckets to wash the car. According to Vaglieri, one bucket is just water to rinse the cloth / glove used in the car wash, and in the other, water with shampoo to do the cleaning process.

3 - Wash the car in the shade and with the cold bodywork

Washing the car in strong sunlight or with a hot battery can compromise the vehicle's paintwork. If the soap is poorly dried and dried on the car, it can create stains on the bodywork. To avoid this type of problem, wash the car in the shade and with it cold.

4 - Still dry, bathe the vehicle with foam


“Sprinkling shampoo on the car while it is still dry as long as the paint is cold and the car in the shade helps to hydrate the dirt and makes it easier to remove it without friction with the paint,” says Vaglieri. That is, the less force you use to clean the car with the microfiber cloth or glove, the less chance of scratching the paint.

5 - Start from top to bottom and wash in parts

Always start with the upper parts of the car and then move to the lower ones. This way, the foam and dirt that are on the top will descend on the other lower parts of the vehicle helping to clean them. “If we speak in a sequence; first wash the roof, then the hood, the windows, the doors, the rear cover, the lower parts of the car and finally the wheels and wheel cases, ”says Vaglieri.

6 - Rinse the vehicle thoroughly

At this time, using a pressure washer can be efficient. Its powerful jet helps to remove the coarse dirt without having contact with the hands avoiding scratches in the paint. But if you don't have a jet washer, a strong stream of water can also be used at this stage of the wash.
Tarcisio Vaglieri says that, on a daily basis, the car is exposed to many different types of dirt. “It has the most solid dirt that is earth and sand. There is pollution that is very damaging to the painting. So, at the time of washing, we can damage the car paint a lot if we wash it incorrectly ”, he said.

7 - Dry manually with microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth is fundamental to not scratch the car paint when drying it. After rinsing the entire vehicle without any foam remaining on the surface of the car, the driver must dry the car manually with a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth is composed of very small threads and offers comfort and softness in drying. In addition, the chance of scratching the car when drying is almost minimal with a microfiber cloth. Check out cleaning products for more info.

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